How Far Have Amps Come Since 1964? We Are About To Find Out With This McIntosh Garage Find

McIntosh-C26-GarageFind.gifForget Wayne Carini and his Chasing Classic Cars show on Velocity Network. I've made my own "garage find" in a 1964 McIntosh 225 power amp and C-26 solid state preamp. No, it's not a 1957 Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing or a Bugatti from the 1920's but it's a pretty cool score. And yes, I bought them. The amp has the original box, manual and even reportedly a review from back in the day.

So what comes next, you ask?

The amp is at Audio Classics in Binghamton, New York and will be completely restored to function as well as it can today. New tubes, new caps, parts and beyond. The amp will be cleaned up but not repainted, re-chromed or anything like that. Like in the world of concourse cars, we are going with original.

Once I get the amp back (I am likely to sell the preamp as I don't really need it in any of my systems - call me if you want it, as it should sell for about $800 to $1,000) I am going to have Andrew Robinson give it the once-over in the modern world. He is a single ended triode tube maniac who has owned many high end tube products as well as some of the best amps the high end solid state world has to offer. Much like taking out a Ferrari 250 GT (think: Ferris Bueller's Day Off) on the track with a 2012 Ferrari California, this is a modern day compare and contrast with the past - we plan on doing the same with some of the best speakers from the likes of Bowers and Wilkins, Focal and Magnepan as well as amps from Pass Labs, Decware, Parasound and beyond.

How will the old McIntosh amp hold up? We are not sure but we are going to have a good time running it through its paces.

How do you think it will fare? Post below using Facebook to make your predication.

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