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You can spend all the money you want on audiophile electronics and

audiophile speakers

but your room acoustics are the single most important factor in how good your audiophile system will sound. Deal with your first order reflections, bass absorption and diffraction and you can make far less expensive audiophile equipment sound better than the most premium gear if stuck in a lousy audio environment.

Why Dennis Was Right

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Our two-channel systems can create magic in our homes. They can generate a soundstage that has width, height and even depth. They can also show a separation and layering to all the sounds in a mix and connect with our emotions like nothing else in this world can. To achieve this beautiful bend in both time and space, many things must be known about your room. Your sound is your gear, you and your room. The three of you are married to each other. As in all relationships, there are things that are flexible and those that are not. So the following are six must-follow rules in setting up your hi-fi system if you want that marriage to work the best it can. 1. Room Size And Volume Finding the... Read more

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