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Roger Hoover - Pastures

Label: Last Chance Records 

AR-Pastures.jpgSometimes, what we need is more simplicity, both in our everyday lives and perhaps even in our music. In "Pastures," Roger Hoover delivers simplicity, musical searching and wistfulness all done in a folk music style. Influenced by the likes of Roger Cohen, Tom Waits and Kris Kristofferson, Hoover flows his way through all eleven original tracks with a folk / rock style and even, at times, resembles a young Woodie Guthrie. And growing up in Northeast Ohio just possibly gave him a unique perspective on the successes and failures of the working class and provided an inspiration for his music. In any event, "Pastures" is a work that may both be listened to for the music as much as the interpretations of the lyrics. All in all, I enjoyed each in equal measure. 

Overall: 8

Sonics: 8 

Livo Almeida - Action & Reaction

Label: Self Released 

AR-ActionReaction.jpgLivo Almeida may possibly be the most accomplished jazz saxophonist you've never heard before. Growing up in Brazil, he received a Bachelor's Degree in Classical Saxophone and is a winner of the International Saxophone Competition Victor Assis Brazil. He also performs on a regular basis with Grammy award winning pianist Arturo O'Farrill. Additionally, he is 1st tenor chair at the Eco-Music Big Band and has performed at festivals such as the Newport jazz festival, the Los Angeles Central Avenue Jazz Fest and several NYC based jazz festivals. Action & Reaction is a combination of precise arrangements that have a uniquely improvised flavor. Sometimes melancholy, sometimes high energy, never contrived, and done in an improv methodology, Action & Reaction will certainly become a valued work for any traditional jazz collection. 

Overall: 8.5

Sonics: 8.5

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